Conceptual Framework for Smart Cities


The idea of smart cities requires 3 important Drivers and Challenges Categorized into the following:

  1. Individual (social and community buy in, embrace and participate in smart community, smart living, mindset),
  2. Technology
  3. Institution (Financial, Sponsorship, Resources, Authority).

The Conceptual Framework is depicted in the following Diagram

·      Culture Adaption

·      Disruptive and change in lifestyle

(ie Taxi vs Grabcar, Automation vs employment)

PEOPLE ·      Quality of Living

·      Smart Community

·      Safety, Health, Education

·      Smart (participative) citizen

·      Sustainable Future

·      Technology Readiness

·      Service Coverage

·      Costly migration

TECHNOLOGY ·      Improve Efficiency

·      Improve Quality of Service

·      Technology Adoption

·      Cost Effective

·      Government Sponsorship   (Funding, Resources, Legislative, Authority, incentive)

·      Collaboration/ Buy in from Gov-Corporate-Community

INSTITUTION ·      Smart Governance

·      Grow Economy (ie property, attract investment) (ie GDP~Urbanization)

·      Saving Cost

·      Increase Productivity


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